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Innovative quality product for the professional user. Lighting that makes you feel good. More than 25 years of experience in lighting

EWINDOW® is the first artificial daylight system. It mimic the daylight shining indoor by a window.

It’s a natural way of lighting, will be an effective approach for designers to release their inspirations and emotions, to introduce daylight-like lighting into architecture for human well-being.

Healthy environment through natural light

  • Natural view of high quality sky simulation.
  • Natural daylight effect including skylight and sunshine.
  • Skylight and sunlight can synchronize to the real sun in 24 hours.

EWINDOW® is a brand new lighting product, follows the feature of daylight, presents us a very natural scene of blue sky, clear clouds and bright sunshine. It perfectly integrated the latest LED technology, optical design and intelligent control system. It’s designed to be a panel light, easy to operate and mount. We believe it will bring you a unique lighting experience-daylighting.

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